Automatically convert your videos into shareable clips

Turns out, making a video and marketing that video are two very different ball games. (“I’m creative but not *that* creative.”)

On top of everything else, now you have to edit snappy Reels, update your blog, and write a bunch of social posts just to bring in more views.

If only there was an AI tool that could take your YouTube videos and instantly generate loads of SEO-optimized content to promote it.

Meet Video Tap.

Video Tap is an AI tool that can turn your full-length videos into shareable clips, text posts, and more for social media.

Transform your long-form videos into bite-size clips, and share them on social media to grow your following.

Video Tap’s AI extracts the best moments from your videos to create eye-catching, short-form content.

And once you’ve got the perfect clip, it’s easy to add your branding, export it, and beef up your digital marketing campaign.

Video Tap lifetime deal is unavailable.