Scale your content creation and boost your writing speed

You’ll never stand out in the content creation landscape if you’re stuck rewriting draft after draft for every single piece. (“Shoutout to my backspace button.”)

Since you need written content for everything from blog posts to social media captions, you don’t have the time to wait until it’s perfect to hit “publish.”

If only there was an AI-powered voice-to-text app that let you record your ideas and transform them into high-quality articles in a snap.

Dive into Flipner AI.

Flipner AI is a voice-to-text app that helps you write articles faster so you can create content at scale.

Thanks to the power of voice-to-text functionality, it lets you turn your ideas into written content just by speaking.

Record directly on the app or upload your audio files, and this app will convert your voice memos into fully-fleshed content.

No need to record one long voice file—you can record snippets and then arrange and merge your recordings into a single usable text.

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