Protect your Google Ad campaigns from click fraud

All the click farms distorting your campaign’s engagement stats will make you miss the good ol’ days. (“What happened to trolls in the comments? At least they were funny.”)

Jokes aside, all these fraudulent clicks are draining your ad spend, tanking your metrics, and driving your marketing team to keep spending.

That’s why you need a platform that can detect click fraud, maximize revenue, and even request refunds from Google for bad traffic.

Say hello to ClickFreeze.

ClickFreeze protects your ad campaigns against fake clicks and bots to improve performance and optimize ad spend.

With this tool, you can set up tracking URLs for Google Ad campaigns and get live snapshots of fraudulent clicks.

It’s a cinch to identify bad actors and bots. Plus, if you connect your Google Ads account, all that activity will be reported to Google, too.

This platform can also detect fraud across all your ad campaigns, saving you thousands of dollars on ad spend.

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