Automate your customer service

No matter how dedicated your team is to customer service, everybody’s gotta sleep. (“I’m running a business here, not the Night’s Watch.”)

Because new prospects are checking out your site round the clock, keeping up with them all is literally impossible.

Lucky for you, there’s a no-code platform that lets you build and train customer-facing chatbots tailored to your business.

Say hello to ChatMaxima.

ChatMaxima is a conversational AI platform that helps you build no-code chatbots tailored for customer service and lead generation.

Level up your customer service with AI – Create private or public-facing chatbots using your company website and documents.

Build your own chatbot – It lets you use the drag-and-drop chatbot builder to design your own chatbot without any coding.

One inbox, one team – It lets you centralize messages across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, SMS, and live chat—without compromising security.

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