Build your own spreadsheet-style databases

When you’re managing big projects, you need tools that have a lot of wiggle room.

But because so many tools on the market are stubbornly inflexible, you end up managing projects and customer data with patchwork solutions. (“This platform is great…for single-tasking.”)

Wish there was one platform that uses AI to build the kind of databases you need to support all your tasks and customer relationships?

Meet is an AI-powered platform that lets you build powerful database apps for better project management and CRMs.

You can create and edit databases with an AI-powered platform that feels like a souped-up Excel spreadsheet.

It allows you to manage projects and customer relationships with ease, thanks to column types like assignees, deadlines, and categories.

Upload multimedia files and documents, including product images, contract PDFs, meeting videos, and other important attachments.

Plus, you’ll get access to kanban boards, Gantt charts, galleries, and a visual dashboard that you can customize without breaking a sweat. lifetime deal is unavailable.