Automate repetitive tasks

It’s hard to think big picture about your business when you’re drowning in repetitive tasks and busy work. (“Sorry, can’t talk now. Gotta sort my files into folders. Yes, again.”)

And since you’re not a developer, figuring out how to automate simple actions like clicking and typing is way beyond your skill level.

Wish there was a user-friendly automation builder that combined computer vision, LLM, and RPA software to automate any task in a snap?

Say hello to U-xer.

U-xer is a computer vision-based test automation and RPA tool designed to automate repetitive tasks so you can get more done.

It is a computer vision automation tool that can mimic your screen, clicks, and keyboard activities.

Because this tool uses a large language model (LLM), it’s able to create automation scripts using natural language.

And thanks to the robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, you’ll be able to leverage computer vision technology to automate repetitive tasks.

It lets you build automations with simple text commands—it’s as easy as writing a to-do list.

So even if you’re not an expert coder, you’ll be able to automate actions like writing, selecting, validating, or opening a browser.

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