Seamlessly manage your calendar and get more bookings using this powerful scheduling tool

Most calendar tools are weighed down by complicated features you’ll never need. (“I’m not sure what ‘round robin’ is but it sounds messy.”)

Worst of all, you’re paying monthly subscription fees to access features you aren’t actually using.

Wish there was one simple tool that made it easy to book meetings, get paid, and manage your calendar?

Meet TidyCal.

TidyCal is a scheduling app that makes it easy to manage your calendar and get more bookings for any kind of meeting.

With this tool, you can set up different booking types based on your meeting needs, like paid, free, recurring, and group booking options.

Use date polls to vote on the meeting date, eliminating the endless back-and-forth of trying to find a time that works for everyone.

And because you can create unlimited types of bookings with different time durations, you’ll be able to accommodate folks literally any way they want to meet with you.

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