Launch your own self-hosted email service

It’s crazy how you’re spending so much on email marketing tech and still worrying about deliverability. (“This is the marketing equivalent of a Postmates order.”)

As a high-volume sender, your ESP should optimize email campaigns without forcing you to endure complicated technical setups.

If only there was a plug-and-play platform that let you send over your own IP addresses for free, without all the headaches.

Check out is a complete email service provider that lets you send custom email campaigns from your own IP addresses for free.

Now you can send emails using your own IPs for free, with unlimited delivery over multiple Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs).

You can route email for optimal deliverability using sophisticated load balancing to improve your sender reputation.

Set throttles for daily or hourly sending limits, automate IP warmups, and customize delivery for each customer using your ESP.

Plus, you’ll be able to integrate with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay accounts and APIs like Mailgun, Amazon SES, and Bird (formerly SparkPost). lifetime deal is unavailable.