Verification tool to remove temporary, invalid, or duplicate emails

Email marketing is only profitable if your list is full of actual people, not burner accounts. (“No thanks,, we prefer real engagement.”)

All those fake, invalid, or temporary emails aren’t just annoying to filter out—they’re also tanking your sending reputation.

That’s why you need an AI verification tool that can keep low-quality emails from bogging down your lists, for good.

Say hello to Email Checkpoint.

Email Checkpoint is an email verification tool that identifies temporary, invalid, and duplicate emails to clean up your list.

Email Checkpoint automatically detects fake, temporary, and duplicate email addresses to improve list quality.

In just a few clicks, you can filter out duplicate email addresses and addresses that are suspiciously similar to one another.

It makes it easy to connect forms to the built-in API, so you can verify email addresses, boost list health, and collect real data.

Best of all, you can upload a CSV file with thousands of email addresses and verify them all in one go.

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